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Chirayu blood bank is a state of the art well equipped blood bank with absolute blood component preparation unit and providing 24 hours services, since its inception from May 2005. Dr. H Malvi an eminent Hematologist & Hemato-Oncologist & Dr.Samir Singh with its strength of 15 technologists highly qualified and well trained in all aspects of blood transfusion services heads the department of transfusion medicine.  The blood bank has special emphasis on hi tech system for procedures of platelpheresis, granulopheresis, plasmapheresis, therapeutic plasma exchange, red cell exchange & PBSC collection done for the first time in the state.

     The blood bank has an integrated well defined approach to the donor as well as patient care in providing the programme for internal quality auditing with blood banking services covering technical aspects laboratory system managements mainly elisa on automated analyzers, blood group serology (Immunohaematology) on column agglutination methods, coagulation factors analysis, microbiological testing, air sampling systems, external quality assurance services, bar coding systems and quality control laboratory to provide the safe and quality transfusion of blood component services to its recipients.  The laboratory is also licensed by quality control of India, since its inception.

     The blood bank is a 100% blood component separation unit licensed to carry concentrated human red cel (PRBC), fresh frozen plasma (FFP), platelete concentrates (PC), cryoprecipitate(CP) with blood collection in special additives solutions to increase the strength & shell life of its component, leucodepletion is also done in special blood bags to provide safest transfusion and prevent transfusion reaction.  All the equipment in has an internal quality auditing on daily basis.

     The aims and objective of our mission is absolute inventory of voluntary donors with a full time public affairs system of motivation & research programme, recruitment of donor system because we know that donor screening is the best way of preventing transfusion transmissible disease.

Consultant     : 

Dr.Samir Singh

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Chirayu Blood Bank Bhopal
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