Canadian Health&Care Mall Review By Customer: Low prices, Safe to shop

canadahealthcaremallYou know you cannot be too careful when choosing a drugstore, online or offline, for that matter. When you shop around, no pun intended, you are bound to have your hit and miss results, it’s inevitable. Some places will be better in certain aspects than others, while some of the experiences can be downright disastrous. Before I came to be a regular customer at Canadian Health&Care Mall, I had had my fare share of what must be every kind of an online pharmacy that there is. I will start off speaking about Canadian Health Care Mall by saying that they had me converted from order No. 1, and for all good reasons.

The first thing you notice about this drugstore is the pricing policy. This is so good you actually start suspecting there is something fishy going on in the quality department. Getting ahead of myself I will say that it was to a certain extent a leap of faith for me, ordering for the first time, feedback about the drugstore being unequivocal. After receiving my order though, I was glad I gave them a try. The order did ship in 3 days later than expected, got me all fidgety and all, but the quality of drugs (Kamagra 16 pills pack for $57.46, Buspar 60 pills pack for $58.32 and Motilium 60 pills pack for $35.10) was all good. They all came in a plain package.

They manage to cut down the prices so dramatically thanks to switching almost entirely to generic drugs, or generics. This is not big news, even my local pharmacy has them. Being an e-drugstore obviously also helps, skipping hiring too much staff and the lease, and what not.

Canadian Health&Care Mall – Discounts, coupons, bonus pills & more

What adds even more value to shopping at Canadian Health&Care Mall is definitely bonus pills that get thrown into your shopping cart. You get to choose 4 Viagra pills and the same amount of Cialis pills. This is without regard to how much you order for. A practice I have not seen anywhere else. I wish though I could get 2 pills of each instead, for the sake of comparing them.

There is also a permanent 10% off code sitting on the main page. You can redeem it any time you order. It seems to have remained the same – DISCOUNTCANADA10 – since the first time I ordered from them in March 2016. It is still valid.

They also promise a bigger individual discount starting from $300 I think, but I never got around to ordering that much, so got nothing to say in this regard. More ways to save are offered in the newsletters. They alert you on special sales, offers, deals from their partners, etc.

Canadian Health&Care Mall – reviews online

Canadian Health and Care Mall has mediocre to excellent reviews, depending on a number of factors. When I was trying to hedge my bets, researching info on the pharmacy, I got to read quite a lot on them. I can conclude that most of the customer dissatisfaction is generated by them not making good time on deliveries and being slow on the customer support. Both of those I can second. Although with the customer support it is not all that homogeneous. I contacted them on a couple of occasions, once they were real fast with getting back, the other time it took 4 days.

Those who rate Canadian Health&Care Mall ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ commend their prices, quality and safety. What more can I ask as a customer?

Canadian Health and Care Mall website

Canadian Health&Care Mall website runs keeps it simple, well-organized and functional. It is rather intuitive once you start to find your way around it. The customer area is all neat, with all your personal details handy. There is no need to re-enter your data, save for payment information which is done for safety reasons, I support. There is a lot of useful information published on the website, I oftentimes use it as a healthopaedia of sorts when I need to refresh my knowledge on the use of drugs or to look up info on a disease. Their news and medical facts are also fun to look through.

Canadian Health&Care Mall – conclusion

Canadian Health&Care Mall is a safe pharmacy service that is optimal for frugal and careful customers. There are sometimes delays in the delivery, but customer support is there for you sooner rather than later, guiding you through any misunderstanding. If you have a budget to consider and if you are a sucker for discounts, this is your drugstore.

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