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Department of ENT at Chirayu Hospital is  equipped with all modern surgical tools to deal with complex ENT and Faciomaxillary problems . It has following facilities
  • Nasoendoscopic surgery like endonasal DCR , endonasal Pitutary
  • Micro ear surgery like Tympanoplasty ,Stapedectomy
  • Microlaryngeal surgery
  • Flexible and rigid Laryngo and bronchoscope to deal with foreign body removal and different diagnostic proceduresHearing evaluation and vertigo clinic


Dr. S.P. Dubey  has   completed his M.S.. in E.N.T. from Gandhi Medical College Bhopal in the year 1996. He has obtained extensive training in ENDOSCOPIC SINUS SURGERY and MICRO EAR SURGERY  from various institutes in INDIA and GERMANY.He has the dintnct credit of starting ENDOSCOPIC PITUTARY SURGERY and ENDONASAL DCR in Bhopal.

Consultant     :

Dr. S.P. Dubey

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