Pros and Cons of Possible Services in Happy Family Store

Online pharmacies are popular today thanks to the services they provide. Parents who are always busy can’t waste time on things that can be done quickly. They believe that a family online pharmacy can satisfy their requirements. Is that truly so?

One should weigh all the pros and cons before buying medicine for the whole family online. In this review, we will examine the services provided by Happy Family Store (available at, which claims to meet the needs of most customers. We will weigh the advantages and disadvantages to understand whether it is worth using such services and relying on prompt assistance.

#1. Specialty Medications for Clients


Brick-and-mortar drugstores sell a great variety of medicines. However, they might not have the exact drugs their customers ask for. Sometimes they have analogs that might not suit a person. Generics usually have the same active ingredients, but they can have some additives that might cause allergic reactions. So, customers should revisit their health advisor to ask if they can purchase generics instead of brand drugs.

Online drugstores, on the contrary, are open for searches. One doesn’t have to choose a replacement without knowing it is safe. Online consultants at Happy Family Store can inform clients about all the ingredients to help customers choose drugs safely. Besides, online pharmacies store their products in different places. That’s why they usually offer all the drugs one needs according to the provided prescription.

The most frequently ordered specialty drugs are for:

  • skin problems
  • boldness
  • erectile dysfunction
  • ovary cysts
  • cardiovascular disorders


The trick usually concerns the fake pharmacies. They might offer the drugs one needs but sell fake medicines. So, one must be careful when ordering things online. One must be sure that the chosen drugstore is real.

#2. Renewewal of Prescriptions


Doctors never give prescriptions that allow buying a bunch of pills to prevent overdosing in their patients. That’s why patients have to revisit their healthcare providers to refill or renew their prescriptions.

Such a treatment approach is not always comfortable for everyone. People, who suffer from physical pain, cannot move without someone’s assistance, or have phobias, associate each visit to a doctor with torture. Busy people also dislike prescription refilling as it takes a lot of time.

Happy Family Pharmacy makes everything easier. They understand the needs of people who face challenges when visiting drugstores. They can refill or renew a prescription to let their customers continue their treatment flawlessly. As a result, patients don’t run out of their drugs and can live normal lives without pain or negative consequences from the treatment interruption.


Patients who neglect doctor’s consultations risk overdosing, underdosing, becoming addicted, and choosing the wrong treatments.

#3. Free Online Consultations


Online consultants support clients who want to learn something about the chosen drug or specify the order details. Their consultation is free and available in chats or via phone calls.

Online support at Happy Family Store can provide the following information:

  • the drug class
  • available doses
  • price and discounts
  • medical use
  • delivery details

Some pharmacies also connect their customers with online health providers who can prescribe drugs. Such a form of consultation became popular during the pandemic when people were afraid or forbidden to leave their places. Online customers liked such a service, and many online pharmacies decided to keep it.


Still, patients must be careful when buying drugs this way. Online consultants cannot measure one’s blood pressure or test blood or urine. They can only look at photos of rashes or other visual disorders. Consequently, their prescriptions might not be that safe for a patient. So, online consultation is good only for some mild disorders like parasites, indigestion, allergies, cuts, etc.

#4. Two Methods of Delivery


As a rule, a person needs to leave an appartment to buy the needed medicine in the local drugstore. COVID-19 helped people understand the convenience of to-the-door delivery. It saves one’s time and effort. Instead of queuing and walking to a drugstore, a person clicks several times and gets a parcel home.

Another advantage of to-the-door delivery is anonymity. One mustn’t tell a pharmacist what drugs are required. It lets people with sexual disorders, parasites, various skin problems, and fungal infections keep their health problems a secret.

Disabled individuals find this service a life savior. Instead of feeling pain and discomfort while driving somewhere, they just order what they need to their place.

Happy Family Pharmacy do their best to deliver parcels quickly. They sign contracts with responsible and diligent cargo companies to avoid possible conflicts. Due to that, vehicles are equipped with special containers and thermo regulators.


Nevertheless, it’s necessary to check the package’s integrity and expiration date. Some pharmacies can pack expired drugs or open bottles. Delivery services can neglect the storage requirements, and clients can get melted, crashed, cracked, or wet parcels. It’s unacceptable for all goods, to say nothing about health products.

#5. MTM or Medication Therapy Management


Some patients cannot create a good schedule for drug intake. Some drugs must be taken in the morning or the evening while others must be taken before or after meals. Besides, one should avoid drug interaction and decide on a proper dose regarding personal age and weight.

MTM simplifies things. This service considers all the factors and lets patients keep to the medication schedule effectively. They set reminders and even can create special sachet regarding the individualized doses of a client.

Besides, the system “remembers” the time patients run out of their medicine. They send reminders about the need to buy remedies and refill the prescription.


Some patients might completely depend on auto-refills and refuse to visit their health advisors. As a result, they overdose or take unnecessary pills. Sometimes, an organism needs changes and corrections in treatment. So, one should regularly visit healthcare providers to ensure they do need to continue the prescribed treatment plan.

Things to Consider When Choosing Online Drugstore in 2024

Online drugstores are convenient for everyone. Still, one should know how to choose the best one. These are some tips to consider.

Criteria Requirements
Availability The chosen pharmacy should have the drug one needs to order everything at once.
Working hours In case of emergency, one shouldn’t choose a drugstore that can’t process orders 24/7. Regular orders can be done everywhere.
Services It’s necessary to pay attention to the offered services (delivery, MTM, etc.) to choose the pharmacy that suits one’s needs.
Certification It must have certificates and documents to operate legally.
Online support There must be email, phone, or chat support in case customers need help.
Feedback Customers should find real testimonials about the chosen pharmacy. Clients always share impressions. That’s how one can find a trustworthy pharmacy with qualitative drugs.
Personal data protection Online stores must protect their clients’ data. Reputable banking options must perform each financial transaction.
Guarantees The chosen pharmacy must have a refund policy in case of order cancellation or delivery problems.
Online helpers Some clients pay attention to the quality of online support. They value only friendly consultants who provide complete answers to the asked questions.

One should avoid pharmacies that seem to be doubtful or unreliable. They usually don’t have online support, testimonials, and documents to prove the quality of the offered products.

After reviewing the services provided by Happy Family Store, it’s clear that online pharmacies like offer numerous advantages but also come with certain drawbacks. Let’s summarize the pros and cons to help you decide whether using such services is the right choice for you and your family.


  1. Specialty Drugs Availability: HFS provides a broad selection of medications, including specialty drugs that may not be readily available at local brick-and-mortar pharmacies. This ensures that customers can find the exact medications they need without having to settle for alternatives that may not be as effective or safe.
  2. Prescription Refills and Renewals: The convenience of refilling and renewing prescriptions online is a significant benefit, especially for those who have difficulty visiting their healthcare providers regularly. This service ensures continuity in treatment and helps patients maintain their health without interruptions.
  3. Free Online Consultation: Happy Family Store offers free online consultations that provide valuable information about medications, including their uses, dosages, and potential discounts. This service can be particularly useful for minor health issues where a full doctor’s visit might not be necessary.
  4. Quick and Convenient Delivery: The to-the-door delivery service is highly convenient, saving time and effort for busy parents, the elderly, and those with mobility issues. It also offers a level of privacy that in-person pharmacy visits cannot, which is crucial for those purchasing medications for sensitive conditions.
  5. Medication Therapy Management (MTM): HFS’s MTM services help patients manage their medication schedules effectively. This service reduces the risk of drug interactions and ensures that patients adhere to their prescribed treatments, which can significantly improve health outcomes.


  1. Risk of Fake Pharmacies: The biggest risk associated with online pharmacies is the potential for encountering fake pharmacies that sell counterfeit medications. It is crucial to verify the legitimacy of any online pharmacy before making a purchase to ensure you are receiving safe and effective medications.
  2. Limited Physical Examination: Online consultations cannot replace the need for physical examinations and tests that a doctor can perform in person. This limitation means that certain conditions might not be accurately diagnosed or treated through an online platform alone.
  3. Delivery Issues: While delivery services offer convenience, there can be issues with package integrity and storage conditions. Medications must be checked upon arrival to ensure they have not been compromised during transit.
  4. Overreliance on Auto-Refills: The convenience of auto-refills and MTM services might lead some patients to neglect regular consultations with their healthcare providers. Continuous medical supervision is necessary to adjust treatments as needed and to avoid potential health risks from prolonged use of certain medications.


Online pharmacies are not responsible for their customers’ treatment results. Patients should discuss their treatment plans with health advisors to avoid side effects or zero effects. If something is wrong with the parcel, it’s necessary to ask for a refund. The chosen online pharmacy or a delivery company will study the claims and provide 100% or partial refund to the client.