Supportive service


Chirayu hospital has 3 fully euipped ambulances for transportation of critically sick patients. All the units are equipped with oxygen, basic resuscitative paraphernalia and shifting stretchers. These ambulances are available round the clock for critically ill patients.


Chirayu hospital has canteen service for the patients and their attendants. Finished with ultra hygienic surfaces the cafeteria has facilities for food and beverages round the clock. This is backed by a team of dieticians who take utmost care in prescribing healthy food for everyone.


The hospital has in its premises a medical shop by Happy family pharmacy which caters to the opd as well the inpatients. Open 24 hours has all the surgical and medical drugs, which are required in emergency.


Chirayu hospital has a dedicated UPS and Generators having a capacity of 320 KVA to deal with the untimely power failures. This strong power backup gives confidence and reassurance to many critically ill patients who are required to be continuously on life support systems.